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Accidents happen, but if you find that you or someone you know is experiencing any type of discomfort, pain or injury to your gums or teeth, do not hesitate to contact your St Clair Shores emergency dentist or local healthcare provider.  If left ignored, you are potentially putting yourself at risk of further damage that may need more extensive care and treatment later on.

Below, is a brief guide to help you cope with some of the most common dental issues as you make your way to our St Clair Shores dental office. As always, be sure to consult your Emergency Dentist in St Clair Shores first about any dental issues you are having.

Toothaches: If you notice any discomfort or sharp pain from your teeth, be sure to try and clean it as best you could first. Try flossing and rinsing your mouth thoroughly with warm water and see if the pain goes away. Apply a warm washcloth on the outside of your cheek if you notice any swelling. If you do notice that your mouth or gums around the tooth is swollen, or if you have a fever then you may have an affected tooth that needs immediate attention. Be sure to see your emergency dentist in St Clair Shores MI immediately if any of these symptoms occur. Your dentist can help recover your tooth and relieve any pain or discomfort you may have. If pain persists, do not wait longer than 2 days to see your dentist.

Tooth Loss: Loosing a tooth for a child is normal, however if the tooth was lost during an accident or unexpectedly , contact your dentist  immediately. Your dentist will be able to determine how to restore or salvage your lost tooth. If you are able to retrieve your lost tooth, be sure to hold it by the crown (not the root) and rinse it off thoroughly with warm water without scrubbing. Then if you are able, try and place the tooth back in the place or put it in milk until you are able to see your dentist.

Lost Crown: Loosing a crown can be very painful because it exposes the tissue of your tooth to air and temperature causing extreme amounts of sensitivity. If you loose a crown, contact your St Clair Shores emergency dentist immediately and bring the crown with you if you are able, to the dentist.

To help you relieve any pain or discomfort as you make your way to the dentist, use a cotton ball and apply clove oil which can be found at your local drug store to the sensitive area. If you have the crown with you, you can also apply it back on your tooth temporarily, as you make your way to your dentist. Before doing so,  rinse the crown thoroughly first. You can then apply the crown back on your tooth by adding dental cement, tooth paste, or denture adhesive to the inside of the crown.

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Emergency Dentist in St Clair Shores

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