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With the many advances in dental technology, our St Clair Shores Sedation dentist is able to efficiently provide quality dental care to you and your family by offering sedation dentistry. You no longer have to postpone your dental appointments in fear of the dentist!

Sedation Dentistry works for patients who:
– Feel uneasy in the chair
– Have difficulty getting numb.
– Fear needles and drills

With sedation dentistry in St Clair Shores, our dentist can treat even the most anxious patients and often accomplish dental work in one or two visits that may have required many more visits without it.

Below is a list of our sedation dentistry options:

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Sedation with nitrous oxide (laughing gas) decreases anxiety and promotes relaxation while you remain conscious. Nitrous oxide and oxygen are mixed together and then inhaled through a mask that covers the nose and mouth prior to having a dental procedure performed to produce relaxation, and a state of overall comfort. Safe, effective, and non-invasive, nitrous oxide is the sedation method of choice for anxious or fearful patients.

Oral Sedatives

This form of sedation dentistry allows patients to ease their anxiety by swallowing a pill. This pill allows you to feel more relaxed while being awake during treatment. On occasion we give oral sedatives to help relax our nervous patient.

We are a gentle and caring team and we want to make sure that you are able to tend to your oral health is a way that is most comfortable for you.  For more information about our St Clair Shores sedation dentistry options, contact our office.

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Our St Clair Shores Sedation dentist and team are dedicated to providing the highest quality care in the most comfortable environment. We offer convenient night and weekend hours, accept most insurance plans and have over 35 years of experience!

Our experienced doctors and team utilize the latest dental technology for the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. To learn more about our family dentists in St Clair Shores and team, visit our About Us page.

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